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Mission given in The Desert by Rebecca Rothschild ( 2221 / -6 / -610 )

Appropriate Level: 26

Complete mission by speaking to: Rebecca Rothschild ( 2221 / -6 / -610 )

Mission Briefing[]

One of our most dangerous escapees is the supervillainess Galeforce. She isn't impossible to defeat, as long as you're wearing a density belt to resist her wind powers. The belt is broken, but fortunately parts can be salvaged from broken power suppressors. These suppressors are southwest of Stronghold Prison in front of a big cave Galeforce is using as a hideout.


Collect 10 pieces of Circuitry from Broken Suppressors.

  • Collect Circuity
    • Circuitry Collected (10/10)

Return to Assistant Warden Rothschild

You will receive:[]

12,500 Exp
3 Resource100 54 Resource (Resources earned modified by Hero's level)

You will be able to choose one of:[]

Cunning Dodge; Wind Scorched; Qularr Implement; Irresistible Force

Important Info[]