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Canada History: Rime Woods
Canada History: Rime Woods
Knowledge Perk
Zone Canadian Wilderness
Subzone The Rime Woods
Coordinates -1195, 0, 2270
Perk Points 10

Canada History: Rime Woods is a Knowledge Perk.


This area houses several labs known as "The Clutch," where VIPER scientists perform experiments as part of their Project Awakening, a program devoted to unleashing the human brain's psionic potential. VIPER hopes the program, once complete, will lead to the creation of an army of psychic super-soldiers.


"Canada History: Rime Woods" can be obtained by examining a signpost placed just south of VIPER's center most field laboratory, in the Rime Woods.

The Rime Woods Perk 001

Sign Post, The Rime Woods



Perk Objective

Knowledge Steelhead 001a Historian: Canada