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In light of the supernatural storm wrecking havoc in the vicinity of Force Station Steelhead, not even survival is guaranteed. Matters are complicated further by the crash of Oceanica Flight 408, as well as the arrival of Ice Demons and frozen undead, which attack the crash survivors and Steelhead personnel equally.

Canada in Crisis Mission Chain[]


Oceanica Passenger J.J. Shepard


Additional Mission Chains[]

Crafting Mission Chain[]


One of the Following:

Muni Harrison or Boomer Cloud
Miao Shan or Amun
  • [5] Cure for the Un-Common Cold
Ada Luvelife or Patick Daleno

Additional Missions[]

Level Quest Name Type Start End Notes
5 And Justiciar For All Meeting Andrew Duggan Justiciar
5 Free From Debris PvE Location Justiciar
5 Torn from the Sky Escort Oceanica Pilot John Torn Justiciar
8 Eye of the Storm PvE Instance Entry Objective Completion