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This is a map of the Canadian Wilderness zone with colored dots representing the location of different perks and spawn locations.

NOTE: Dots connected by a line of the same color indicate a path which must be followed to gain the perk. In these cases direction does not matter but you must travel from one dot to the next.


Canada Perks Map

Collection Perks (Red Dots)[]

Exploration Perks (Green Dots)[]

Listed Top to Bottom

Spawn Locations (Yellow Dots)[]

Listed Top to Bottom

  • Lynx's Fold Respawn
  • Chiyetanka Bluff Respawn
  • Burial Butte Respawn
  • The Rime Woods Respawn
  • Force Station Steelhead Respawn
  • Massasauge Hills Respawn
  • Fallen Sun Forest Respawn
  • Stroessen's Peak Respawn
  • Renegade Run Respawn
  • Snow Thrush Sanctuary Respawn
  • Hoarfrost Hills Respawn