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Captive of the Blood Moon: Crusher
Level 18 Mission
Zone Millennium City
Subzone City Center
Team Size 3
Mission Start Crusher
Mission End Objective Completion

Meldrick Meekins was a 98-pound weakling who ended up getting superpowers as part of a VIPER experiment after answering a "tired of being picked on?" ad in the back of a comic book. You've managed to destroy Crusher's corrupted, reanimated body. Now venture forth into one of the crypts of Takofanes and free Crusher's captive soul, so this hard-hitting hero can finally rest in peace.


The evil Takofanes the Undying used the power of the Blood Moon to raise thirteen of the heroes who fell to Dr. Destroyer during the Battle of Detroit.


Mission Notes[]

  • This Mission can be obtained by either the defeat of the Super Villain Crusher (Undead Hero) or by sharing the Mission with another player.

On Completion[]

You've saved Crusher's soul.


  • Yellow Upgrade


Perk Objective[]