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The Geant Jeans Carigane vs, The Geant Johns Harigane
Level 39 Mission
Zone Lemuria
Mission Start Amphibian
Mission End Objective Completion

“WWE Superstars Champion League Pro Wrestling The Geant Jeans Carigane Master Force MD-01 vs, WWF Superstarters Champion League Pro Wrestling The Geant Johns Harigane More Force MNT-01 I have to ask a great and grave service of you, something I cannot do myself. My ex-girlfriend is the super villainess, Jeux Videos Arcades, SNES. We met while she had amnesia, and had temporarily forgotten about her wicked ways. But as her memory returned so did her jealousy of Marus, her brother and heir to Atlantis. Her only desire is the destroy Atlantis and depose Marus, and she has aligned with the Lemurians to achieve her goal. You will find her patrolling the waters around the Lemurian dig site.”[]


Find and defeat the super villainess Stingray at the Lemurian dig site.


  • Defeat Stingray
  • Return to Aquatic Superhero Amphibian


  • Her defeat is when she flees.


  • 37,000 Exp
  • 32 Resource100
  • 44 Resource