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There seems to be a lot of power choices in Champions Online. This allows a lot of variety, but not necessarily the ability to become "godlike". For example: there are 18 "Energy Builder" and 13 "Travel" powers, but you'll only get one "Energy Builder" (at Lvl 5) and two "Travel" powers (one at 10th lvl and one at 36th) during your Hero's lifetime.

See the Basic power grid for a listing of every power in the game on one screen.

There are several different kinds of powers.There are actives and passives. Debuffs and buffs. And so on. The actives are divided into Tap, Toggle, Click and Maintain powers. Toggles stay on until it either runs out of targets/energy or you switch it off. Click activates exactly once. Maintain starts with a full bar and keeps going until the bar is drained. Taps start with an empty bar and can be charged up. The game lists the powers according to what they do (i.e., Ranged Attacks together, Buffs together, Melee Area Attacks together, and so forth.)

To help the pacing of character growth, all powers utilize a Tier System which makes it impossible to get the most devastating attack at level 5. The tiers are as follows:

Tier Definition
Builder Energy Building Power
Travel Travel Power
Tier 0 No Prerequisites
Tier 1 1 Framework Power, or any 2 Arbitrary powers
Tier 2 3 Framework Power, or any 5 Arbitrary powers
Tier 3 5 Framework Power, or any 8 Arbitrary powers
Tier 4 10 Framework Powers and complete Vibora Bay

This type of system rewards sticking to a particular framework by giving you access to higher Tier powers quicker, but does not force you to do so.

The following chart shows you the approximate level at which you will gain new powers and a rough estimate of how quickly you can get to the next tier:

Lvl Benefit Tier Level

Energy Builder

Starter Power

Tier 1 Specialization Unlocked
2 Health Up
3 Energy Up
4 Equilibrium Up

Characteristic Focus

Power Point

Travel Power

Tier 1 Generalization Unlocked
6 Talent Point
7 Advantage Points
8 Power Point Tier 2 Specialization Unlocked with same type Energy Builder
9 Talent Point
10 Advantage Points
11 Power Point Tier 2 Specialization Unlocked differing Energy Builder
12 Talent Point
13 Characteristic Focus (final) Bob
14 Power Point

Tier 2 Generalization Unlocked

Tier 3 Specialization with same type Energy Builder Unlocked

15 Talent Point
16 Advantage Points
17 Power Point Tier 3 Specialization Unlocked with differing Energy Builder
18 Talent Point
19 Advantage Points
20 Power Point
21 Talent Point
22 Advantage Points
23 Power Point Tier 3 Generalization Unlocked
24 Advantage Points
25 Advantage Points
26 Power Point
27 Advantage Points
28 Advantage Points
29 Power Point Earliest possible Tier 4 unlock
30 Advantage Points
31 Advantage Points
32 Power Point
33 Advantage Points
34 Advantage Points

Travel Power

Power Point

36 Advantage Points
37 Advantage Points
38 Power Point
39 Advantage Points
40 Advantage Points

For those of you keeping score, this is how much "stuff" you get in your character's lifetime:

Amt Benefit
01 Energy Builder
01 Starter Power
02 Travel Power
02 Super Stat
06 Talent Point
36 Advantage Point
12 Power Point

    For a list of powers and power frameworks, please see the sub-categories below.

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