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Champions HQ
Champions HQ
Level 4-5
Zone Millennium City Tutorial
Bosses Black Talon

Champions HQ is an instanced mission map that is accessed from the Millennium City Tutorial zone, as part of the Champions Online game tutorial. It is the location of the tutorial's conclusion; once players leave the instanced map at the completion of their objectives, they cannot return to the tutorial zone.

The Champions Building has been compromised; a Black Talon agent, servant of Doctor Destroyer, has successfully forced his way into the base of Millennium City's most well-known Superteam. He and a small force of Destroids under his direct command have managed to activate four beacons, trophies remaining from the time the alien Qularr first attacked the earth. Slightly modified, these beacons have triggered a new invasion of the city by the isectoid aliens.

Slowly being driven mad by the altered signal, the Qularr are tearing Millennium City apart piece by piece. Doctor Silverback and the hero known as Ironclad have devised a plan to halt the invasion. But for the plan to succeed someone has to enter the Champions Building, defeat Black Talon and shut off the beacons, and ultimately launch the Ironclad Defense.


The entrance to the Champions HQ Instance can be found in the Millennium City Tutorial zone, at the front door to the Champions Building.



Champions HQ Map



Faction Symbol Destroid 001 Destroid
Faction Symbol Destroid 001 Gun Drone
Faction Symbol Destroid 001 Trooper Bot


Faction Symbol Qularr 001 Drone

Named Mobs[]

Vanquished Black Talon


Champions HQ Map

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