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Black Harlequin
Black Harlequin (Attack of the Misfit Toys)

Black Harlequin is a sociopathic villain operating primarily out of Millennium City. The product of a poor upbringing at the hands of his cold-hearted mother, he's antisocial and takes great pleasure in seeing others harmed. Harlequin has a love for toys and pranks, two pasttimes he's combined in order to create his array of combat gadgets.

Harlequin plays a key role in the Champions Online 2009 Winter Event, Attack of the Misfit Toys. Fond on enjoying himself at the expense of others, he's unleashed his creations upon Millennium City to wreak havoc during the holidays. His Misfit Toys hide in gift boxes and accompany their master as he walks the streets, and towering over the the city's citizens is the Harlequin's most recent creation, Clarence the Mechateddy.

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Winter Event on Test Server

2009, December 14 -- Heaven's Agent

The Champions Online 2009 Winter Event, Attack of the Misfit Toys, is currently available on the Test Server. For full coverage of the event, see the articles detailing its features:

Attack of the Misfit Toys Overview

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