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Champions Universe: News of the World
Champions Universe: News of the World
Author(s) Darren Watts, Steven S. Long
Publisher Hero Games
Released April 19, 2007
Binding Paperback
Pages 158
Retail Price $29.99 (print)
$26.99 (pdf)
ISBN 10 ISBN 1583661018
ISBN 13 ISBN 9781583661017

It’s been five years since the publication of Champions Universe, and a lot’s happened since then. Villains have come and gone, hero teams have gone through all sorts of changes, and more than one master villain has tried to take over or destroy the world. Champions Universe: News Of The World takes a look at the current state of the Champions Universe setting and lets you in on everything that’s taken place.

It includes:

  • reviews of events in Millennium City, Vibora Bay, and other major areas of the Champions Universe
  • information on what’s been going on with the Champions
  • a look at two other prominent superhero teams, the Sentinels and the Justice Squadron
  • reports on the fiendish plots of the supervillains, villain teams, and master villains of the Champions Universe
  • a Rogues’ Gallery and GM’s Vault containing secret, GM’s-eyes-only information about the Champions Universe, including revised and updated character sheets for many prominent villains and several all-new villains

So put on your costume and get ready to battle evil — it’s time to return to the Champions Universe!

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