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Charity Worker
Charity Worker
Friendly • Hero Points
Level 25
Zone Millennium City
Coordinates City Center: 5370, 246, 350
City Center: 7760, 246, 1378
Downtown: 8600, 199, 510
West Side: 600, 61, 658
West Side: 3410, 40, 33

Hello there {name}, I know you have a few spare resources for the children, right?

- Charity Worker

Five Charity Workers can be found in Millennium City, each positioned on street corners to gather donation for the City's homeless children. Their locations are marked by large stacks of wrapped gifts heaped behind them; they are found near the bank in City Center, near the prison and near the mutated scientists in West Side, near PSI (at mcdonald park), and near the Barlow Building (east of Argent).

Open Missions[]

The Charity Workers place themselves in harms way, many stationed in dangerous parts of Millennium City, but more pressing is the appearance of Black Harlequin. He and his Misfit Toys have been attacking Charity Workers throughout the city accompanied by his latest creation, Clarence the Mechateddy.

Open Mission Location[]

  • March of the Misfit Toys