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Chief Surhoff
Chief Surhoff
Friendly • Contact
Level 15
Zone Millennium City Tutorial
Coordinates 8240, 190, -1237

Thank goodness you're one of the good guys!

- Chief Surhoff

Chief Surhoff is the Police Chief of Millennium City. He can be found within the Millennium City Tutorial, where he oversees efforts to halt the Qularr forces that have invaded the city.

Millennium City Chief of Police. A dedicated public servant, doing his best to round up the prisoners that escaped during a recent Millennium City Jailbreak.


I'll owe you big time after this! If you ever get a parking ticket in Millennium City, just give me a call!

- Chief Surhoff

Begins Mission[]

Ends Missions[]

Tutorial Text[]

The hard-working officers of the M.C.P.D. are working 'round the clock to stop these Qularr creatures. With your help, we'll make the streets of "M-City" safe once again!

- Chief Surhoff

Travel Powers[]

You might be wondering why your hero can't fly, teleport, or run with super speed.
Doctor Silverback surmises your travel powers are not working because the Qularr are broadcasting pulse waves of some sort of Kinetic Dampener! He hypothesizes that once the Qularr threat is contained, heroes will once again be able to use their amazing travel powers, and the skies of Millennium City will once again be filled with heroic champions of justice!
A visit to the Power Trainer once the Qularr are defeated should restore your abilities in this area.