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SOCRATES - Millennium City Tutorial (9102, 199, -1660)


After the Champions, the Metahuman Activities Response Squads are one of Millennium City's most potent weapons against the Qularr. They are specially trained officers equipped to handle both superhuman and alien threats. We call them MARS for short.

One of these teams is gearing up with some experimental weaponry for an attack against the Qularr. The new blasters must be calibrated to work properly. My analysis of your abilities shows a 99.95% probability of you being able to survive a direct blaster hit. Could you assist the team and allow them to calibrate their weapons on you?

Blocking each attack provides the must useful tuning data to the troopers. Talk to Captain Henry across the street to the north.


Talk to Captain Henry and the MARS troopers to the north of SOCRATES. Block 3 of their blaster attacks.



  • Default block key is SHIFT