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Clayton Griswold
Clayton Griswold
Friendly • Contact
Level 1
Zone Millennium City Tutorial
Coordinates 8267, 189, -1280

Thank goodness you are here! I was supposed to be on the vacation of a lifetime, then those... things... came out of nowhere and attacked! I gotta tell you, those weird alien bugs are freaking me out!

- Clayton Griswold

Clayton Griswold was planning on leaving for vacation to Canada when the Qularr attacked. He can be found within the Millennium City Tutorial, having lost his belongings and credentials needed to leave on his trip.


It's like stuff from my worst nightmare just sprung to life!

- Clayton Griswold

Begins Missions[]

Ends Missions[]

Tutorial Text[]

Watch your step out there! It seems like those freaky aliens are around every corner!

- Clayton Griswold


Conning is a term that means to assess the strength of your opponent. Not all the opponents you face in Champions Online are equal in power and you need to be able to tell them apart. When you target an enemy, his basic power level appears beneath his name in the targeting information. The basic enemy classifications mean the following:
Henchmen: These are the basic recruits of the evil masterminds you face off against. An experienced hero can take on multiple henchmen at once without breaking strides.
Villains & Master Villains: These opponents are a step up the food chain. Villains in numbers are dangerous to a single hero and a master villain is a tough fight all by himself.
Super Villains: A Super Villain is the ultimate test of a hero's ability. Some Super Villains can be defeated by a solo hero, others require a team of heroes.

Threat Level[]

The threat level of an enemy is shown by the color of his name. Remember, though, that this threat level is for that individual critter. A large group of low threat level critters can still be dangerous to an individual hero.
From least dangerous to most dangerous, the threat level colors are:
Light Gray
Enemies whose names appear in Gray are worth very little experience.