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Cleanup of the Oceanic
Level 10 Mission
Zone Canadian Wilderness
Subzone Force Station Steelhead
Mission Start Lt. Steven Fisher
Mission End Capt. Susan Connors

Mission Chain

[8] Missing Amongst the Debris
[8] The Hunters Hunting

[8] Infiltration Cessation
Hunter-Patriot Lieutenant
[9] The Perfect Prey
[9] Trust No One
[9] A Cat's Tale

[10] Awful Undead Offal

Lt. Steve Fisher
[10] Six Feet Under
[10] Dead Alive
[10] Cleanup of the Oceanic

Capt. Susan Connors
[10] Hunter-Patriot Act
[10] Summons of the Cerebellum

Giant Brain's Astral Projection

[10] Travesty of Justice
[11] Execution Dissolution

[11] Mental Retribution
[11] Brain Storming

[9] Troubles in Rime Woods

We've got the cleanup of the zombie parts in hand now, {name}, but the wreckage of the plane is another story. Captain Connors and her team have been having some trouble east of here because of the Hunter-Patriots, who have been making an aggressive offensive push against us. I'm sure she could use a hand. We can't hold out against those terrorist creeps forever, especially now that they've hired the criminal supergroup The Brain Trust to help them out.

- Lt. Steven Fisher


Speak with Captain Susan Connors in Force Station Steelhead.


In Progress[]

Have you spoke with Captain Susan Connors yet?

- Lt. Steven Fisher

On Completion[]

{name}! Glad to see you. We could use a hand over here.

- Capt. Susan Connors


  • 510 Exp
  • 18 Resource