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Confidential Source Qi
Level 16 Mission
Zone Millennium City
Subzone West Side
Mission Start Julie Morgan
Mission End Lin Qi

Mission Chain

Julie Morgan

Burt Jackson
Mia Zin
  • [16] Confidential Source Qi
Lin Qi
Quan Qi

I know I'm supposed to report the news, but sometimes it's impossible not to get involved. One of my sources in Chinatown, Lin Qi, just called me, worried about a cousin of hers who is in trouble with the Cult of the Red Banner gang. Do you think you could help her out? I'm out of my league against martial arts street gangs! Lin is waiting for help at an intersection in Chinatown, northeast of the Docks.

- Julie Morgan


Speak to Lin Qi in Chinatown.


In Progress[]

You talk to Lin Qi yet? She's a good friend, as well as a valuable source, and I know she's worried about those thugs from the Cult of the Red Banner taking over the Chinatown district.

- Julie Morgan

On Completion[]

Julie Morgan sent you? I knew if she knew about my cousin Quan's predicament she would send somebody to lend a hand!

- Lin Qi


  • 790 Exp
  • 40 Resource