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Continued Support
Level 8 Mission
Zone The Desert
Subzone Burning Sands
Mission Start Corporal Biehn
Mission End Colonel Vanderbilt

Mission Chain

Corporal Biehn

Colonel Vanderbilt

We're having a problem with one of our PRIMUS soldiers. Unfortunately, the strain of nonstop combat along with dangerous levels of radiation can break even the toughest soldier. Talk to Colonel Vanderbilt about bringing the dangerous soldier in. You can find him out near the burned out supply vehicle on the way past the spiral.

- Corporal Biehn


Talk to Colonel Vanderbilt out near the spiral in the Burning Sands.


In Progress[]

Have you talked to Colonel Vanderbilt yet? He's waiting to hear from you, {name}.

- Corporal Biehn

On Completion[]

Word about your fine work around Project Greenskin is getting around, {name}. It's an honor to meet you!

- Colonel Vanderbilt


  • 410 Exp
  • 7 Resource