Champions Online Wiki
Faction ARGENT
Level 19
Zone Millennium City
Subzone City Center
Faction Symbol ARGENT 001
I am determined to get to the bottom of ARGENT's dirty operations. They pretend to be a legitimate operation, but I know they are up to no good. I believe they are doctoring their corporate reports, so I want to intercept the actual reports as they are delivered to two of ARGENT's highest level employees, Dr. Victor Hopewell and Lucinda Sadler. The couriers are leaving from ARGENT HQ and heading out from there. One courier goes north, another one goes west, and the last goes east out of the ARGENT HQ.
- Michael Scott Beck -- Mission Introductory Text: Exposing Argent

This armed Courier is delivering a letter from ARGENT HQ, in the City Center district of Millennium City, to media mogul Sherman Adair. This correspondence is an invitation to a new ARGENT hunting resort on Monster Island.

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