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Crate and Peril
Level 8 Mission
Zone The Desert
Subzone Burning Sands
Mission Start Forward Observer Hooper
Mission End Forward Observer Hooper

Mission Chain

Forward Observer Hooper

Director Kaufman is on the warpath. One of our pilots missed his target to airdrop crates of hypercapacitors for our computer targeting systems. Our weapon arrays are useless unless we can get that equipment back to Greenskin base. Search along the main path near the spire between Burnside and Project Greenskin, just ahead of where I'm stationed.

- Forward Observer Hooper


Collect 5 crates of military hardware near the spire between Burnside and Project Greenskin.


In Progress[]

I can't stress how important it is you retrieve that scientific equipment from Burning Sands! Lives are on the line, for heaven's sake!

- Forward Observer Hooper

On Completion[]

Thanks for retrieving that equipment, {name}. Once we get some of these weapons systems online, it will provide our weary soldiers with some much-needed relief!

- Forward Observer Hooper


  • 1,353 Exp
  • 23 Resource


Perk Objective[]