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Crazed Irradiate
Crazed Irradiate
Faction Irradiate
Level 8
Zone The Desert
Instance Burning Sands
Faction Symbol Irradiate 001
The Project Greenskin scientists are working around the clock to determine how radiation has affected the Irradiate's genetic code. Our scientists believe they've made a breakthrough in their Irradiate reversal experiments. But we need information on Irradiate DNA, and those mutants aren't exactly cooperative. The last scientist who tried to use a tissue analyzer on them ended up in a full body cast!
- Forward Observer Hooper -- Mission Introductory Text: Secure the Skin Samples

Crazed Irradiates have been driven mad by their exposure to the fallout resulting from numerous military tests conducted in the deserts over the last century. One of the weaker varieties of Irradiates, they usually congregate in large numbers or around individuals of markedly greater power.


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