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Crazed Irradiate Raider
Crazed Irradiate Raider
Faction Irradiate
Level 10
Zone The Desert
Instance Burning Sands
Faction Symbol Irradiate 001
You've got real presence, {name}, and I think you inspire greatness in others. That's exactly what those PRIMUS boys need, the ones mixing it up with the Mutant attackers outside Project Greenskin. How about lending a hand? It would be a real boost for the troops! Meet them at the vehicle barricades. The standoff point is at the pass north of Project Greenskin that leads out of Burning Sands.
- Dr. Lucius Alexander -- Mission Introductory Text: (Radioactive) Barbarians at the Gates

Crazed Irradiate Raiders have been driven mad by their exposure to the fallout resulting from numerous military tests conducted in the desert over the last century. One of the weaker varieties of Irradiates, they usually congregate in large numbers or around individuals of markedly greater power, and are located in the northern-most area of the Burning Sands.


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