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Cure for the Un-Common Cold
Level 5 Mission
Zone Canada in Crisis
Mission Start Ada Luvelife
Patick Daleno
Mission End Item Completion

Mission Chain

[7] A Crafty Contrivance

One of the Following:

Muni Harrison or Boomer Cloud
[5] Cure for the Un-Common Cold
Miao Shan or Amun
[5] Cure for the Un-Common Cold
Ada Luvelife or Patick Daleno
[5] Cure for the Un-Common Cold

I'm glad you're here, {name}. If we are to save Steelhead, at some point somebody is going to have to go through that mystical portal and confront whoever or whatever is ultimately behind this terrible storm. Based on all the heroism you've shown, I'm guessing that burden will fall to you.

This is clearly no ordinary cold, and once you go through that portal, you may face a cold so absolute and bone-chilling it could freeze someone even as tough and hardy as you. Fortunately, I think I can help. I'll give you the SCHEMATIC for a Coldshield Nanoserum, which you will have to learn (DOUBLE-CLICK the SCHEMATIC in your inventory). Use your Science Skill to gather the COMMON materials from Science Apparatuses. Return to me and I'll give you the last component, then you can use the Science Table to create a Coldshield.

- Ada Luvelife or Patick Daleno


Learn the SCHEMATIC, Collect 3 Common Components, Return to the Science Trainer.


NOTE: Ada Luvelife or Patick Daleno

In Progress[]

Still working on the Nanoserum, eh?

- Ada Luvelife or Patick Daleno


  • 924 Exp
  • 43 Resource


Perk Objective[]

Knowledge Raiders on the Storm