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The Curse

A supervillain who looks (and acts) something like an ancient Egyptian mummy from a horror movie. His touch is instantly lethal to mostly people, even superhumans.


Thousands of years ago the Pharaoh Amen-hab-itep was buried with great pomp and ceremony in a secret tomb not far from the fabled Valley of the Kings. As the tomb was sealed, the priests called upon the power of the god Anubis to place a terrible curse on it: whomsoever would be the first to violate the tomb would be fated to become its guardian, a creature of great magical power and singular purpose. Centuries passed... and the tomb remained inviolate. For some reason tomb robbers never found out about it, and in time the curse uncharacteristically began to fade. By the late twentieth century it was weak indeed... but by no means gone. In 1998 an archaeological expedition that included graduate student Scott Thomaszewksi discovered Amen-hab-itep’s tomb. Realizing from the state of the outer doors that it was intact, and thus might even eclipse King Tut’s tomb for riches and knowledge, the expedition leaders chose to wait a few days before opening it so they could have proper security measures in place. But Thomaszewksi was too impatient to wait. While the rest of the expedition was sleeping he crept back to the tomb’s entrance. Carefully using a crowbar, he wedged the outer doors open... and activated the curse. Without warning Thomaszewksi was psychically and mystically assaulted and transformed into a mummy-like being of great power... but because the curse was so weak after thousands of years, it was unable to fasten onto his mind as well as it fastened onto his body. Instead of becoming the tomb’s guardian he simply went on a rampage, using his newfound powers to slaughter the entire expedition. A few weeks of wandering in the desert brought Thomaszewksi back to his normal self, or at least his right mind. He still had the guardian’s form and powers, but his human personality re-asserted itself. He figured out what had happened, and then realized he could never truly return to normal society... but with the power of life and death literally in his hands, he could become fabulously rich. Soon a new supervillain was offering his services to the underworld — a strange, mummy-garbed man who simply called himself the Curse. Since then the Curse has cut a swath through the world, killing almost at will anyone he’s been hired to kill. And slowly but surely the curse has continued to eat away at Thomaszewksi’s mind, making him less and less human and more of a monstrous thing five thousand years away from home


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