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When crafting there is two types of items you can craft. The first is the most common and that is a fixed advantages with a fixed rarity. The second type is the focus of the article, the fully customizable enhancement.

This type is recognizable in the Development Tab of the Crafting table by the enhancement being in Italics.

Once selected the interface changes to show a Sliding bar labeled "Quality", followed by two drop down lists labeled "Minor" and "Major". Note not all will have a "Major" listed as some are "Minor" only.

To build a customized enhancement select an appropriate advantage from each drop down list and the amount of components required will display below, the desired enhancement can be previewed prior to creation by hovering over it on the bottom right corner of the interface.

To improve the stats beyond the base amount adjust the Scroll bar to set the rarity of the item you want crafted.


Note list incomplete Zarst 13:55, September 6, 2009 (UTC)

Improvements to a single stat are always higher than improvements to two stats, however sometime more points are given to two stats when added together. For example if Accelerated minor enhancement give +10 Dexterity on an item, Amalgamated minor enhancement would provide +6 Strength and +6 Dexterity instead to the same item. Single stat Major enhancements are significantly better then Single stat Minor enhancements to the same stat

Skill Req Minor Enhancement Improves Skill Req Major Enhancement Improves
Life Support Increase Maximum Health + 5% (Does not Scale) Strengthened Increases Constitution
Amalgamated Increases Dexterity and Recovery Energy Shield +50% Energy Resistance (Does not scale), Improves Physical (Small) and Energy (Medium)Defense
Fulminating Increases Strength and Dexterity Striker Increases Offense
Heightened Increase Strength and Recovery Enhanced Increase Ego
Accelerated Increases Dexterity Cyborg Increases Maximum Endurance (may be bugged)
Scanner Raises Perception abilities (Perception, Minimap Radius, Offense) Impact Gives Basic attacks chance to do Knockback (may be bugged)
Modular Increase Endurance and Ego Power Increase Endurance
Controlled Increase Ego Neutronium +50% Crushing damage resistance (Does not scale), Improves Physical (Medium), and Energy (Small) Defense
Reinforced Increase Constitution Adhesive Gives Basic attacks chance to Root (may be bugged)
Microcell Increase Energy Regeneration 0.5 (Does not Scale) Supersonic Increases Dexterity
Energized Increase Endurance Radiant Increases Recovery
Electrified Increase Recovery Monstrous Increases Strength
Controlled Increases Ego Force Increases Intelligence
Colossal Increases Strength Engineer Increase Energy gained by Energy builder powers (may be bugged)
Fulminating Increase Strength and Dexterity Kinetic Increases Dexterity and Recovery
Energized Increase Endurance Pacifier Gives Basic attacks chance to do Placate or Confuse (may be bugged)
Atomic Reduces AOE costs (may be bugged) Brillant Increase Strength and Dexterity
Fantastic Increases Strength, Dexterity, and Recovery Intergrated Increases Ego and Endurance
Developed Increases Constitution, Ego, and Endurance Sleeper Agent Gives Basic attacks chance to do Confuse (may be bugged)
Reinforced Increases Constitution Kendrium Increases all elemental resistance +50%, greatly increase energy defense and increases some Physcial
Destructive Increase Critical Severity +0.05 (Does not Scale), Increases Offense Amplified Increases Strength and Recovery
Plating Enhances Resistance to Physical Damage Willpower Increases Physical and Energy Defense, grants +100% Hold, Confuse and Root Resistance
Energy Decrease Energy Decay (Does not scale), Increases Offense
Accelerated Increases Dexterity
Machinists Recovers a Energy on a Kill
Colossal Increases Strength
  • Note any duplicate entries (Controlled, Energized, Fulminating, etc.) may in fact be bugs and have been submitted to Devs, please continue to submit reports in game to get these corrected in next patch
  • Note Some abilities do not show in the item prior to building (Atomic, Cyborg, Impact) this may in fact be a bug and has been submitted to Devs. Please continue to submit reports in game to get these corrected in next patch