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Champions Online features 12 different damage types (plus 1 special case). There are no special characteristics to each type - players and villains can be more resistant to certain types than others.

Damage Types[]

The table below shows which Frameworks deal each type of damage. The last column is also a quick reference of powers available that buff the damage output of attacks that deal certain damage types.

Type Category Frameworks Buffed By
Crushing Physical Force, Ice, Martial Arts, Might, Munitions, Power Armor, Supernatural
Piercing Physical Archery, Munitions, Power Armor, Supernatural
Slashing Physical Dual Blades, Fighting Claws, Gadgeteering, Single Blade, Supernatural Focus of the Unconquered Swordsman
Cold Elemental Ice Fire Form, Ice Form
Fire Elemental Archery, Fire, Munitions, Power Armor, Sorcery, Supernatural Fire Form, Ice Form
Toxic Elemental Fighting Claws, Gadgeteering, Supernatural Fire Form, Ice Form
Electrical Energy Archery, Electricity, Sorcery Electric Form
Particle Energy Gadgeteering, Power Armor Electric Form
Sonic Energy Archery, Gadgeteering, Might Electric Form
Dimensional Paranormal Celestial, Darkness, Supernatural Seraphim, Shadow Form
Ego Paranormal Telekinesis Ego Form, Shadow Form
Mystical Paranormal Sorcery Shadow Form
Break Free *Special * Damage type used to combat Holds and Roots