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Friendly • Contact
Level 30
Zone Millennium City
Subzone Renaissance Center
Coordinates 5648 205 -1721

Good to see you, {name}. You're making quite a name for yourself, and not just in Millennium City. More than a few people have suggested you'd make a fine addition to the Champions line-up.

- Defender

Defender is a well-known and loved superhero, and leader of Millennium City's premier super team, the Champions. He stands watch over the city from the Renaissance Center, protecting the citizens and welcoming new heroes to the area.

Leader of the superteam The Champions, Defender is one of the most popular and highest profile heroes on the entire planet. Inspired in his youth to become a hero after witnessing the horrific events of the Battle for Detroit, James Harmon IV created an advanced suit of power armor, dubbed himself Defender, and has been a tireless crusader for justice ever since. He has been romantically tied to Witchcraft, but is too much of a gentleman to discuss his personal life.

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Your abilities are formidable, {name}. Perhaps you would be willing to aide me in my never-ending pursuit of justice?

- Defender

Begins Missions[]

  • [6] Learning the Ropes
  • [7] Ren Cen Recon

Ends Missions[]