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The Demonologist

Powerful, villainous sorcerer and leader of the Devil's Advocates.


Andre de Faussesflammes comes from a long line of occult scholars. His family can trace its roots all the way back to medieval France, when they intermarried with the Vandaleurs and de Morphants. More recently, the Faussesflammes became stalwarts of the Circle of the Scarlet Moon. When the family moved to America after World War II, the tradition didn’t die. Andre grew up in a house filled with grimoires, scarabs, crystal balls, and tribal fetishes. While other teenagers grooved to rock ’n’ roll, he chanted cabalistic liturgies. Naturally, his classmates thought he was a prize weirdo. After high school, Andre followed family stories to the Circle of the Scarlet Moon. He quickly established himself as a superior sorcerer — but his unconcern for worldly power left him a mere ovate, with little chance of advancement. Then Andre’s father died when traffic accident hurled a drum of toxic waste from a truck and struck him as he walked nearby. The impact didn’t kill Andre’s father, but the chemicals did. The symbolism was perfect, Andre reflected bitterly. His father, who worked as an antique dealer to preserve what was noble and magical from the past, had been struck down by the garbage of a soulless machine age. The police found the driver dead in his home, torn limb from limb. Two days later, the chemical company’s local office burned to the ground. It’s a beginning, Andre thought as he drew the circles and sigils for his greatest summoning yet, but only a beginning. It was high time the ancient forces of magic rose again. Demonology would crush technology and he, the Earth’s greatest living demonologist, was just the person to do it — even if he had to unleash the foulest horrors from Hell and beyond.


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