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Der Westgote

Super-strong German villain whose name means "The Visigoth". A member of Eurostar.


Born and raised in Germany, Rudolf Eberhardt can barely remember a time when he wasn’t stronger and tougher than normal. Even as a child he could easily bully his playmates, and by the time he turned 13 he was obviously superhumanly strong. His parents kept trying to convince him to hide his abilities and only use them responsibly to help people, but he thought they were idiots. Why shouldn’t he use his strength to get anything he wanted? When he robbed a bank at 15 and they started to call the police on him, he killed them both and left home, never looking back. He spent the next ten years in the European underworld, making a reputation for himself as a super-strong, super-ruthless criminal who’d take any sort of job if the money was right or the thrills were there. Along the way he murdered over two dozen people, including several women. He was captured by UNTIL twice, but found a way to escape both times. In his late 20s he journeyed to America for the first time and committed some crimes there as well, but he’s shown a marked preference for staying in Europe since then. In 2002, der Westgote made some political comments in an interview with an underground journalist. Fiacho, leader of Eurostar, read the interview and approved of what the self-styled “Visigoth” had to say. He tracked the feared brick down and had a discussion with him. For several years the two maintained a cordial, if wary, relationship, mostly based around meeting in obscure taverns late at night to discuss politics and drink. Fiacho introduced him to the rest of Eurostar as well, and except for Durak they all seemed to get along with him, so in 2005 Fiacho offered him a position on the team, which he accepted.