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Deranged PRIMUS Mutant
Deranged PRIMUS Mutant
Faction Irradiates, PRIMUS
Zone Desert Disaster
The Desert
Subzone Burning Sands

Deranged PRIMUS Mutants are Henchman-level enemies and members of the Irradiate villain group.


Faction Symbol Irradiate 001
I've got a device I'd like you to test out. This crazy doodad allows you to mind control certain weak-willed beings. Use it on one of those deranged PRIMUS mutants, and bring them back to me for medical treatment! You should be able to stun them and then use the device on them to break their train of thought.
- Corporal Biehn -- Mission Introductory Text: Minding the Mutants

Deranged PRIMUS Mutant Mobs[]


Mission Objective[]


Deranged PRIMUS Mutants count toward the kill totals required to earn several Perks.

you have to beat them till they say no feel good then use the devic the he gave you on them and the timer will show up then run it to the contact on the map.

Rogues Gallery Perks[]

Faction Symbol Irradiate 001 Geiger Blip
Faction Symbol Irradiate 002 Thermonuclear
Faction Symbol Irradiate 003 WMD