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Deranged PRIMUS Mutant
Deranged PRIMUS Mutant
Faction Irradiate
Level 8
Zone The Desert
Instance Burning Sands
Faction Symbol Irradiate 001
I've got a device I'd like you to test out. This crazy doodad allows you to mind control certain weak-willed beings. Use it on one of those deranged PRIMUS mutants, and bring them back to me for medical treatment! You should be able to stun them and then use the device on them to break their train of thought. You should also know that this device has not been fully tested and control may only last around 5 minutes so try and hurry. You can find the mutants out in the eastern side of the Burning Sands, just past Colonel Vanderbilt's observation post. This will only work on deranged PRIMUS mutants, any others are far too powerful for this prototype device.
- Corporal Biehn -- Mission Introductory Text: Minding the Mutants

Deranged PRIMUS Mutants have fallen victim to the radiation that permeates the Burning Sands. Formally PRIMUS soldiers, these Irradiates are drawn to the region held by Major Gertz, gathering in large numbers outside the region he has claimed for his personal army.


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