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Desert Disaster
Desert Disaster
Levels 5-8

Instances Radiation Vault
Missions Desert Disaster Missions

Desert Disaster is the one of two zones a character can select to enter after completion of the Millennium City Tutorial. It's the setting of a Crisis Mission, and serves as an introduction to the Desert zone that can be accessed upon completion of the primary mission chain.

  • For the article on the zone outside the Crisis Mission, see: Desert

Project Greenskin is under attack, an army of mutant Irradiates having launching an offensive against the PRIMUS facility in the early morning. A radiation shield has been raised, effectively isolating the base from the surrounding region, and PRIMUS agents under the command of Greenskin Director Robert Kaufman have been quick to respond to the invasion. However, the Irradiates appear strangely organized, as if something is directing their actions from behind the scenes; they have been seen coming and going from the Radiation Vault near Project Greenskin's front gates, but what their purpose there might be remains unknown.


The fight against the invading Irradiates is a constant one, but the PRIMUS agents confronting the mutants are being directed by intelligent individuals that give them a strategic upper hand. Those that did not fall during the initial assault have taken refuge in one of the corridors atop Project Greenskin's outer walls. From this fortified position they endeavor to take back the facility from the mutant attackers.



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Project Greenskin has been overwhelmed by Irradiates, and they can be found in large numbers both inside the facility's walls and along its perimeter walls. Large numbers of the mutants can also be found in the Burning Sands region to the north, as well as within the previously sealed Radiation Vault.


Primary article: Desert Disaster/Missions.

The Desert Disaster Crisis Mission serves as an introduction to the Desert zone of the game. Taking place within an instance, it boasts a mission chain that will lead players through a primary plot and ultimately to the persistent zone upon the arc's completion.


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The Radiation Vault

The Radiation Vault[]

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Irradiates have been seen entering and leaving the long-sealed Radiation Vault near the entrance to Project Greenskin. Deep within the caves that burrow through the desert rock, the super villain Gigaton directs the mutants in an attack on the PRIMUS facility.


Several Perks are unique to the Desert Disaster Crisis Mission; once a character progresses beyond the instance, he or she cannot return to earn them at a later time.

Rogues Gallery Perks[]

Vanquished Vanquished Ferd
Vanquished Vanquished Gigaton

Lore Perks[]

Lore Out of the Wasteland

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