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Desert History: Atomic Wasteland
Desert History: Atomic Wasteland
Knowledge Perk
Zone The Desert
Subzone Atomic Wasteland
Perk Points 10

Desert History: Atomic Wasteland is a Knowledge Perk.


The site of extensive nuclear testing by the government in the 1950s, this area is unfit for any sort of habitation due to deadly amounts of radiation. Side effects of this radiation include mutation, diminished capacity and heightened aggression. Project Greenskin scientists are pursuing multiple avenues to clean up the waste and toxicity of the Atomic Wasteland. They hypothesize that humans may be able to return here and experience no noticeable adverse effects from the radiation in as little as a million years!


"Desert History: Atomic Wasteland" can be obtained by examining an one of several old signs in the Atomic Wasteland, posted along the paths leading into the Irradiates' valley.

Desert History Atomic Wasteland 001

Sign, Atomic Wasteland



Perk Objective

Knowledge Greenskin 001a Historian: Desert