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A supervillain from Millennium City and a member of the villain group, PSI.


Angela Baker was born in 1981 in Mill Valley, California, to parents of the “hippie” generation who belonged to a series of “alternative” religious groups. In 1994 her mutant power first manifested at a weekend prayer meeting; as she prayed along with the rest of the congregation, she slowly slipped into unconsciousness and a diaphanous “shadow-form” began to float around the room. Her parents and their “guru” condemned the creation as a manifestation of Angela’s sins and cast her out of the congregation, decrying the taint of Satan in her. Angela went to live with an aunt in San Francisco. Her aunt had little interest in her, so Angela spent most of her time on her own. While she struggled to get along with the aid of a local church, her shadow form caused havoc on the dark streets at night. Fearing for her own sanity, she visited a Mind, Inc. outlet bookstore, where a counselor, realizing her “sinful shadow” might indicate potential psionic powers, called Edward Cummings (the “head” of Mind, Inc., a minor mentalist who was Psimon’s and Medusa’s puppet). It wasn’t long before Angela, now codenamed “Deuce,” was a student of PSI living in Millennium City. Although she was grateful for PSI’s help, and to have a place where she “belonged,” Deuce was never very comfortable with the criminal side of the organization. When Lancer finally rebelled and tried to take over the organization, Deuce joined her, sensing in Lancer’s “protect super-humanity” crusade a noble cause she could get behind with a whole heart. Unfortunately, when Lancer finally found a way home, something in the “gateway” technology she used malfunctioned, leaving Deuce behind.


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