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Identity Bernard Jamison
Race Human
Gender Male
Base of Operation Desert

A member of VIPER's Dragon Branch.

In Champions Online[]

Diamondback can be found in the Southwest Desert, where he guards the entrance to the Project: Stein Laboratories.


Mission Objective



Perk Objective

Perk Vanquished Diamondback Vanquished Diamondback

Champions RPG[]


Diamondback (2003)

A member of VIPER's Dragon Branch and introduced in the 5th Edition Champions sourcebook, VIPER: Coils of the Serpent.

VIPER’s experiments with creating superhumans often focus on the organization’s namesake — snakes. VIPER scientists work with serpent genetic material, poisons, and organs to find ways to enhance normal humans into the realm of the superhuman.

One such human was Bernard Jamison. Recruited into VIPER in the early 1990s, Jamison fit the organization perfectly. He was tough, ruthless, and cruel, but took orders well and had just the right touch of ambition. His ambition led him to volunteer for some of VIPER’s experiments to grant agents superhuman abilities. He figured superpowers would take him a lot further in the organization than his trigger finger.

He was right — though he hadn’t counted on all the consequences of the experiment. Through a series of operations and drug treatments, Dr. Timothy Blank and a group of Project Mendel scientists spliced Jamison’s DNA with that of several types of serpent. Over the course of several months, during which the scientists carefully observed him, he mutated, losing his hair and other mammalian features and replacing them with serpentine ones. His skin became scaly, and he grew claws and fangs. He also developed enormous strength. VIPER considered the experiment a rousing success. Dubious at first, and angry that the scientists could not reverse the change at will, Jamison gradually came to accept his new body and the powers it gave him. After some years he was so comfortable with it that he wouldn’t have changed back even if he could.

Since then, Diamondback has been one of the mainstays of Dragon Branch. Strong, quick, and capable, he’s commanded teams of supercriminals and agents on dozens of missions, and participated in hundreds more as combat support. Superhumans have captured him several times, but with VIPER’s assistance, he always finds a way to escape. Because he has callously killed several UNTIL and PRIMUS agents, he occupies a prominent place on both organizations’ “Most Wanted” lists.


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