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Disaster in the Desert
Level 5 Mission
Zone Millennium City Tutorial
Mission Start Witchcraft
Mission End Robert Kaufman

Mission Chain

Sergeant McAvoy



[1] Heroes Wanted
[1] Seeding Frenzy
[1] Gear Up
[1] Chip off the Old
[1] Millennium's Mayor

Mayor Calvin Biselle

[1] Mayor's Mementos
[2] Mail to the Chief

Chief Surhoff

[2] Citizens Distressed
[2] Prescription Retention
[3] Silver Avenger Sandwich

Mayte Sanchez

[3] Signal to Noise

Holographic Silverback

[4] Full Metal Jacket
[4] Homestead Security


[5] Picking up the Pieces

A urgent distress call from Project Greenskin came in just as the Qularr invasion fleet struck the city. The transmission was somewhat garbled by interference, but as best we could make out, the base there is under assault by a large group of radioactive mutants and in danger of being overrun.

I have sensed troubling changes in the mystic currents of that area. I am going there to investigate and I need your help. I hate to ask after all you've done here, but a hero's work is never done. Every second counts, so we must leave soon.

- Witchcraft


Board the helicopter in Millennium City. Speak to Director Kaufman when you reach Project Greenskin.

In Progress[]

Good luck! I will join you there as soon as possible.

- Witchcraft

On Completion[]

Our distress call got through! We may have a fighting chance now that you have arrived!

- Robert Kaufman


  • 280 Exp
  • 16 Resource