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Inscrutable Chinese sorcerer, one of the most powerful mystics in the world.

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Yin Wu is an ancient Chinese sorcerer, over 1400 years old whom was born in the 6th century. In his early years he conquered part of China and created his immortality pills. His power and influence in China has waxed and waned with the amount of mystical energy in the world. Most recently he was one of the warlords in China, during the 1920s-1930s.

The Doctor despises communism, modern technology, secularism, Westerners, and Japanese. He has a strong code of honor, treats his foes with respect (if they do the same), and can be charitable (e.g. giving to the poor). Yin Wu will help defend his hometown or the world itself from threats like the Dragon.

His goal is to restore China to what it used to be before or as he imaged it to be, a land of scholars and peasants. He sees himself as the emperor of that restored China, leading the Middle Kingdom to its historical global primacy. Several times he has attempted to take over China in the modern era, and each time he has been stopped by the full power of Tiger Squad whom have lost a dozen members in their battles with him, creating much bitterness and hate among the unit toward Doctor Yin Wu.


He has mastered several martial art, including the Dim Mak (Death Touch). With his vast sorcerous powers he is able to summon a 1000 monsters and mythical creatures to aid him in battle against his enemies. It has taken all of Tiger Squad to stop him, the equivalent of a half dozen teams of superheroes uniting to fight the same foe. Depending on the level of mystical energy present on Earth, he at times has been almost god-like.


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