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Doomed Soul
Doomed Soul
Master Villain
Faction Burnside Ghosts
Level 9-10
Zone The Desert
Subzone Burnside
Faction Symbol Burnside Ghost 001
The dead are rising, angry their rest has been disturbed. Go to the Burnside graveyard and exorcize some of these spirits from the lands. I will consult the Eye of Horus, for I fear I know all to well who is responsible for this supernatural upheaval. Go to the well in the Graveyard, to the west of the town of Burnside, in western Uranium Flats. The scroll will protect you.
- Witchcraft -- Mission Introductory Text: Exorcize Regime

Doomed Souls are damned spirits of those who once lived in the town of Burnside, awakened from death to walk the sands of the Desert once again; the villain Talisman has raised these ghosts, as well as the other spirits of Burnside, to do her bidding.

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