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Mission given in Millennium City by MCPD Captain Martin

Mission located at WCOC News Station

Appropriate Level: Your current level

Mission Briefing[]

So, as I was sayin', one of Nemesis' minions cracked during interrogation and gave up the goods. Looks like we've got the location of the doomsday device. Some ol' abandoned warehouse in West Side seems to be serving as the location of Nemesis' makeshift hideout. Get to the warehouse and bring Nemesis down, superhero! We'll send some units to block off the street around the warehouse. We know how you superhero types tend to make a big splash when you bring these guys down...


Find the abandoned warehouse in West Side and stop Nemesis.

  • Stop Nemesis in the Abandoned Warehouse
  • Return to MCPD Captain Martin

Once you 'defeat' Nemesis, he is placed into prison

You will receive:[]

Important Info[]