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Dr. Greg Lenk
Friendly • Hero
Level 15
Zone The Desert
Subzone Project Stein VIPER Nest
Coordinates [ 12 18 -500]

Kid, I been on the front lines against Grond and VIPER, and if you ask me, VIPER is the more dangerous of the two. VIPER is determined to catch Grond. And if they can't, they intend to design new Gronds.

- Dr. Greg Lenk

Dr. Gregory Lenk is a PRIMUS scientist working outside of the VIPER compound known as Project Stein. He's particularly interested in VIPER's efforts to capture the monster Grond, as well as their plans to recreate the creature should he prove too powerful to contain.


I've been hearing good things about you, {name}. Glad you came forward to lend a hand.

- Dr. Greg Lenk

Begins Missions[]

Ends Missions[]