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Dr. Karl Severisen
Friendly • Citizen
Level 35
Zone Canadian Wilderness
Subzone The Rime Woods
Coordinates -2075, 28, 2195

Good to see you, {name}! VIPER is performing horrible experiments in labs they've nicknamed "The Clutch", located in the Rime Woods. Steelhead division intel says they are doing experiments to create the perfect psychic super-soldier!

- Dr. Karl Severisen

Dr. Karl Severisen is a scientist working for the Steelhead division. He's in the Rime Woods observing several operations established by VIPER personnel in the region, with a particular interest in uncovering what the organization is working on in the facility known as "The Clutch".


Be careful! You don't want to end up as one of VIPER's experimental subjects!

- Dr. Karl Severisen

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