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Dr. Lucius Alexander
Friendly • Contact
Level 15
Zone The Desert
Subzone Project Greenskin
Coordinates -2420, 82, -2040

You're an impressive specimen! Supervillains must be crazy to want to tangle with you! I know what it takes to be a superhero. Heck, I used to design formulas to create superheroes! Have you heard of the Alexander formula? I'm Dr. Lucius Alexander! That formula is my creation!

- Dr. Lucius Alexander

Dr. Lucius Alexander is a renowned geneticist, known for the strides he's made in generating superpowers in originally mundane individuals. He's at Project Greenskin observing the conflict between the Irradiates and the various superheroes arriving in the region to assist PRIMUS in opposing them.


What say we put those amazing powers of yours to good use?

- Dr. Lucius Alexander

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