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Doctor Timothy Blank
Identity Timothy Blank
Race Human
Gender Male
Faction VIPER
Base of Operation Desert


Mission Objective



VanquishedVanquished Dr. Timothy Blank

Champions RPG[]

A scientist working for VIPER and mentioned in the 5th Edition Champions sourcebook, VIPER: Coils of the Serpent.

A world-class expert on the subjects of biology, biochemistry, genetics, and the biological bases for superhuman powers, Timothy Blank left the Biology Department at the University of Florida at Vibora Bay after it was revealed he was both conducting experiments on human subjects without approval and using several of his graduate students and fellow professors as the subjects of other experiments without their knowledge. He “defected” to VIPER one step ahead of the law and immediately put his talents to work for it. Thanks to his breakthroughs, Project Mendel has had a few successes; he’s helped VIPER create several supervillains (such as Diamondback). Doctor Blank has indicated that he’s on the verge of further advances in the area of splicing ophidian and human DNA.

In addition to his scientific and intellectual arrogance, Dr. Blank possesses a high degree of megalomania. Although he’s kept his intentions to himself, he long ago decided he should be the Supreme Serpent. He’s funneled money away from other efforts, such as Project Ageless, and into his own private accounts for years to prepare for a takeover. When the time is right — in other words, after he’s exploited VIPER’s resources to develop the techniques and weapons he can use to engineer a coup — he plans to kill the Supreme Serpent and Council Of Thirty and take their place. Even if his plot fails, it’s sure to cause major harm to VIPER.