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A member of the Crimelords supervillain team.


Jimmy Corrigan was a scrawny little kid growing up, the perpetual target of bullies. That changed one day in 1993 when he was right in the middle of puberty. He tried to fight back against his latest tormentor, and as usual he was just getting pounded harder because of it... when suddenly he began to grow bigger and stronger and turn into solid steel! The pain of the transformation was worse than any beating he’d ever taken, but when it was done he beat up the bullies who were attacking him so badly that they ended up in the hospital. Then he smashed his way into three different classrooms and administered the same treatment to half a dozen other bullies who’d used him as their personal punching bag over the years. A PRIMUS squad corralled him soon after arriving on the scene and he was put into a juvenile detention facility. The total unfairness of it all made him so mad he often had trouble restraining himself. No one had done anything while he was being beaten up by punks, but as soon as he turned the tables and gave them a dose of their own medicine he was a “dangerous juvenile delinquent.” Well, if “the system” was going to stack itself against him like that, he wanted nothing to do with it. Jimmy bided his time and was released on his eighteenth birthday. Now older and wiser, he began a supervillainous career as Dreadnaught, with his first “crime” being to reduce the juvenile detention facility to rubble. He might have gone on being just another second-rate supercriminal... but then he met Tiger Lily, fell in love, and formed the Crimelords.


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