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Faction Qularr
Faction Symbol Qularr 001
When the Qularr attack began, I set up a command post in the Samson building, but the initial assault gutted the building and drove everyone outside into the streets.
- Mayor Calvin Biselle -- Quest Introductory Text: Mayor's Mementos

Drones are the basic foot soldiers of the Qularr invasion force assaulting the city during the Millennium City Tutorial. They appear in high numbers, sometimes in the company and support of stronger units.


I have the worst luck! These blasted aliens attacked just as I was leaving my apartment this morning for a well-earned vacation in the wilds of Canada. I had to drop everything I had and run for my life. Now those bugs have everything I need for my trip: my suitcase, my tickets, and my passport!

- Clayton Griswold -- Quest Introductory Text: Vacation Salvation

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