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Dud Reckoning
Level 10 Mission
Zone The Desert
Subzone Atomic Wasteland
Mission Start Location
Mission End Professor Ciraulo

Back in the late '50s this area was used by the army to test nuclear missiles. More than half a century later, and we still have unexploded warheads out there. Can you retrieve the radioactive material before the Irradiates do? Head to the Radiation Pools in Uranium Flats. Look for Unexploded Warheads down in the toxic pools, or up on the ridgeline around the valley.


Retrieve Radioactive Materials from 5 Unexploded Warheads around Radiation Pools.


On Completion[]

Good work dealing with those Irradiates' nuclear miscreancy. Though it does take some of the thrill out of my work here, it will make it easier to get research grants.

- Professor Ciraulo


  • 5,100 Exp
  • 71 Resource


Choose One:
SU Items Magicalenchantment Compoundblack 01 V01 Warhead Exposure SU Items Cloak 05 Stealth Coating
SU Mission Science Sample V02 Atomic Elements SU Beakers 001a Atomic Power