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Super-strong Russian villain and member of Eurostar.


Igor Sterankov was just a punk kid growing up in Moscow during the final decline of the Soviet Union. Uninterested in school, he quickly drifted in with Russian organized crime gangs. Big, tough, and strong, he was a perfect enforcer and legbreaker for his bosses, and he enjoyed his work. Then he made the mistake of getting into a fight with a Russian Army officer in a bar. The officer called for backup, and pretty soon Sterankov was at the center of a melee involving a dozen trained Russian soldiers. They held him down and beat him unmercifully, their punches shattering his jaw and ruining his face forever. Then they turned him over to the KGB to serve as a test subject in ongoing superhuman-soldier experiments. The treatments, involving chemical injections, sensory deprivation cham�bers, neuro-electrical stimulation, and other such pleasantries, worked only too well. They enraged Sterankov, somehow allowing him to tap reserves of power and strength he didn’t know he had. He smashed his way out of the cell they put him in, out of Lubyanka Prison, and out of Russia and into Poland, destroying buildings, tanks, and anything else he could get his hands on along the way. That’s where Fiacho found him, rescued him from the Russian Army, and made him the first recruit for Eurostar. Durak has served Eurostar loyally, since being a part of the team has given him plenty of opportunities to engage in the fighting and wholesale destruction he loves. The media often refers to him as “the fist of Fiacho,” since Eurostar’s evil leader has but to point or give an order, and Durak leaps into devastating action.