Champions Online Wiki

Official Description[]

The quintessential superhero power, flight allows you to soar through the air.


+ Grants flight
+ Slightly higher top speed than basic flight
+ While out of combat, flight speed gradually increases over several stages
- While in combat, flight speed is reduced
- Slightly less maneuverability than basic flight
- While active, the energy cost of all powers is increase


+ When fully charged, Earth Flight activates at maximum flight speed.

Advanced Description[]

These numbers are visible by clicking "Show advanced description" in the Power selection page, and also includes the stats which do not change from rank to rank.

2 sec
1.5 sec charge
Targets self
0.99 sec recharge
-15% Energy strength
10 Flight Speed
20 Flight Speed
10 Flight Speed
5 Flight Friction
5 Flight Traction

Rank 1[]

20 Flight Speed
17 Flight Speed
17 Flight Speed
+-9.4% Power Cost Discount

Rank 2[]

(Requires level 20)

30 Flight Speed
21 Flight Speed
17 Flight Speed
+-11% Power Cost Discount

Rank 3[]

(Requires level 40)

30 Flight Speed
26 Flight Speed
26 Flight Speed
+-14% Power Cost Discount

Additional Information[]

Activating this power while jumping or falling will create a cloud for you to ride on instead of a rock.

Customization Options[]

Power Color change only affects the glow created when charging or advancing through flight stages, not the rock you stand on or the dust-trail that follows you.