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Electric Eel Supersoldier
Electric Eel Supersoldier
Super Villain
Level 11
Zone Canadian Wilderness
Instance Something Fishy
We've begun to get reports if VIPER shipping dangerous and toxic substances in to the Rime Woods area. I'm willing to bet they're the ones causing the mutations in the wildlife. We need to find out what they're up to, {name}, and see if we can't find a way to stop the contamination. Follow the path north of Force Station Steelhead over the ridge and head east to the river. Investigate anything suspicious and take some samples.
- Lt Douglas McKenzie -- Mission Introductory Text: Something Fishy

The Electric Eel Supersoldier is the result of genetic experimentation by VIPER operatives, utilizing the same chemicals that have contaminated at least one river in the Canadian Wilderness, as well as the surrounding Rime Woods. One of these individuals can be found at a chemical dump site north of Force Station Steelhead.

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