Champions Online Wiki
Level 19 Mission
Zone The Desert
Subzone Snake Gulch
Mission Start Ellie Ewes
Mission End Ellie Ewes

Time to serve Deadbeat some legal incentives. He owes Ellie a lot of alimony... see if you can convince him to pay up. It may take some effort and you'll have to find him first.


Find Deadbeat and collect Ellie's Alimony.


Mission Notes[]

  • You can find Deadbeat northeast of the Snake Gulch map marker and southeast of the Snake Gulch Swings, on the lowest level where VIPER has banners. He is standing right between two vertical pipes at, and you will need to talk to him several times to get him to attack you. (/loc 773 -219 467)

In Progress[]

Did you beat a check out of Deadbeat yet?

- Ellie Ewes

On Completion[]

Thank you, {name}! Finally, I can afford to buy the little one somethin' to eat. In fact, why don't you watch 'im for awhile... I'm goin' shoppin'!

- Ellie Ewes