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Energy is the resource that characters use to activate powers in Champions Online. Most powers have an associated Energy cost, while some powers generate energy as their primary function, and others generate Energy under certain conditions.

Powers can use Energy in a variety of ways. Click powers have a fixed base Energy cost. Maintained powers use more Energy the longer you let the power run. Charged powers typically use more Energy the longer you charge it before releasing it. Certain powers (or their Advantages can reduce the Energy of their target.

The Energy cost of a power can be reduced through a high Intelligence, and increased through Travel Power usage or hostile debuffs.

A character's Energy pool is represented by a blue bar underneath their Health bar in the upper-left corner of the UI (by default), and increases with the Endurance statistic.


Somewhere in the middle of the blue Energy bar is a yellow marker. This represents the character's Equilibrium point. If the character's current Energy is below this point, the character will slowly gain Energy until it reaches this point. Conversely, if the character's Energy is above this point, they will slowly lose Energy until it reaches this point.

The Avenger & Sentinel Combat Roles reduces the rate at which Energy decays to it's Equilibrium point by 50%. The Protector Combat Role increases the decay rate by 50%.

The Equilibrium point increases with the Recovery statistic.